New era of Advertising

Energy has unbeatable coverage network of outdoor sites across Jordan located in main areas, busy streets, highways and within the city, to grab the attention of the largest number of audience.


Noor Digital OOH

The New Digital Generation



Visible Area: w: 4000 mm x h 3000 mm

Resolution: w: 672 Pixels x h: 504 Pixels

Advert/Slot Length: 10 Seconds

Frames per Second: 25

Supported Format: mp4 or JPEG

Color Mode: RGB

Premier Scroller OOH

The Most Advanced Scroller Advertising Network



Visible Area: w: 4000 mm x h 3000 mm

Resolution: 300 dpi

Overall Size: w: 4073 mm x h: 3060 mm

Bleed: +100 mm all around

Format: High Res CMYK PDF, AI, EPS, PSD

Color Mode: CMYK

Target Advertising

Our platform allows for precise targeting to reach your desired audience effectively.

Dynamic Content

Utilize dynamic content that adapts to user behavior and preferences for a more engaging experience.

Cost Effective

Our solution offers cost-effective advertising options without compromising on reach or effectiveness.

Flexibility & Real-time Updates

Enjoy the flexibility of making real-time updates to your content for maximum impact.

Strategic Locations

Energy digital screens dominate the intersections and main streets in downtown Amman, ensuring your product reaches the largest number of potential customers in high-traffic areas.

Wide Spread Exposure

Energy’s digital screen network shines with its wide reach, characterized by comprehensive distribution across carefully designed and strategically planned networks, aiming to achieve maximum coverage.

Brand Exposure

Advertising on Energy contributes to increasing brand awareness and reinforcing the advertisement in the audience’s memory, leading to better interaction by customers with the advertised product or service.

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