The New Digital Generation

Noor’s dynamic screens enhance your outdoor advertising, enabling you to enjoy. With an impactful and vibrant experience, it redefines interaction with your brand exceptional.

NOOR Digital OOH Networks

NOOR DOOH network comprises coverage zone from wide coverage to targeting specific audiences, with each network featuring a specific quantity of advertising displays strategically placed in carefully selected high-traffic locations, leveraging cutting-edge LED technology for dynamic and eye-catching displays, ensuring consistent exposure.

NOOR Vista

The NOOR Vista DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Network consist of 30 digital displays strategically positioned in prime locations throughout the capital city of Amman. situated in high-traffic zones, bustling streets, commercial hubs, and prestigious areas, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement for advertisers. With its unparalleled reach and prominence, NOOR Vista offers an unmatched platform for impactful marketing campaigns targeting diverse audiences in key areas of the city.

NOOR Select

NOOR Select Network, designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Here, you have the authority to select a collection of 15 digital displays strategically located in key areas. Whether your aim is to engage urban professionals, affluent shoppers, or trendsetting millennial’s, NOOR Select offers the flexibility to tailor your advertising campaign precisely and connect with your audience in the most impactful way. This is where strategic positioning aligns with unmatched audience targeting


Target Advertising

Flexibility & Real-time Updates

Dynamic Content

Customization & Interactivity

Cost Effective

Measurable Impact

Visible Area

w: 4000 mm x h: 3000 mm

Frames per Second

25 FPS


w: 672 Pixels x h: 504 Pixels

Supported Format

mp4 or Jpeg

Advert/Slot Length

10 Seconds

File Size

No larger than 100MB

Please ensure artwork complies with the following:
• Color mode is in RGB
• Final artwork should be supplied 5 days prior to the campaign live date
• Files should be sent through an online transfer service
• We cannot guarantee the live date of a campaign if the delivery deadlines are not met
• All artworks are subjects to GAM And Energy OOH approval
• Objects and texts should be checked. Energy OOH are not Responsible if there is any typo
mistakes, syntax, or missing objects.

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