Modern Appeal

Premiers paintings shine with their modern and dynamic appearance, which contributes to attracting the attention and admiration of the advanced audience in the use of sophisticated advertising techniques.

Premier Networks

Premier network comprises a coverage zone targeting specific audiences, with
each network featuring a specific quantity of advertising spaces strategically
placed in carefully selected high-traffic locations, ensuring consistent

City Prime A, B, C

City Prime Networks captures the essence of elegance and sophistication within the heart of West Amman. Positioned strategically in high-end locales, this network offers premium visibility to upscale audiences, delivering impactful messages to those seeking luxury and refinement.

City Link A, B

City Link Networks extends beyond the central district of Amman, reaching into the surrounding suburban areas within East Amman. These networks serve as a vital link, connecting diverse communities and providing exposure to a wide array of audiences within the suburban landscape, making it a hub for community-driven messages.

City Blend A, B, C, D

City Blend Networks seamlessly combines the best of both worlds, encompassing prime central areas and their surrounding suburbs (West & East). This versatile network bridges urban sophistication with suburban charm, offering advertisers an opportunity to engage with a diverse audience spectrum, from city dwellers to suburban residents, providing a comprehensive media solution.


Target Advertising

Flexibility & Real-time Updates

Dynamic Content

Customization & Interactivity

Cost Effective

Measurable Impact

Overall Size

w: 4073 mm x h: 3060 mm



Visible Area

w: 4000 mm x h: 3000 mm


300 dpi


+100 mm all around

Color Mode


Please ensure artwork complies with the following:
• All images to be supplied at Artwork size, in line with the template, and recommended no lower than 300dpi.
• Do not supply spot colors or RGB images / text – will be converted on import If Spot colors are required, then please contact a member of the production team: our prices are based on 4 color CMYK.
• Objects and text should be checked if they need to knock out or overprint, Energy OOH are not Responsible if specs are not adhered to and artwork is set up incorrectly.

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